12 December, 2006

"Democracy of Dialogues"

The connection between digital technology and “democracy of dialogues” is an idea worth considering and discussing. The subject is introduced by artist Michael Somoroff in a recent interview online in Per Contra. Somoroff says, “Only in a world where reality is defined as a matrix construction, an array, are certain ideas and technologies possible. Globalism, the World Wide Web, digital technology, the European Union, and many other examples attest to this understanding of postmodernism. Only in a world predicated on the assumption of the relativism of meaning can these kinds of networks evolve into a democracy of dialogues. This is because networks are arrays. The meanings generated by these networks, that is to say, truths are the result of their composition only. It is from here that quality is derived. I would even go so far to say that in today’s integrated postmodern world, diversity is quality.”

In case “integrated postmodern world” is a term you want explained, he does that, too.

To put some perspective on Michael Somoroff, read the essay by the well-respected Donald Kuspit, “A New Sacred Space: Michael Somoroff’s Illumination I.”


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