25 June, 2006

A Trend in Homegrown Terrorists

So if the boots fit...

The following was written in reference to the terrorists in Britain who attacked the subway-- and quoted in reference to the group of men recently found in a terrorist plot in Canada. But apply the characteristics to the group of alleged terrorists in Florida:

“Mentors may first identify individuals from within larger groups who may be susceptible to radicalization; then 'groom' them privately in small groups until the individuals in the group begin feeding off each other's radicalization," the report reads.

According to the British report, there are few characteristics common among domestic extremists discovered thus far.
A handful of outside factors have occasionally appeared, however, including the grooming of young extremists by an influential elder.

"In the early stages, group conversation may be around being a good Muslim and staying away from drugs and crime, with no hint of an extremist agenda," it says. "Gradually, individuals may be exposed to propaganda about perceived injustices to Muslims across the world, with international conflict involving Muslims interpreted as examples of a widespread war on Islam."

The next step, the document says, is to convince potential terrorists that there is justification for violent jihad in such religious texts such as the Koran and the Hadith. If a suicide attack is required, time is spent discussing the importance of commitment to Islam through martyrdom.” [emphasis added]

The allusion to boots? See the post below, which cites an AP report, that one of the alleged terrorists recently indicted in Florida "asked for boots, uniforms, machine guns, radios, vehicles and $50,000 in cash to help him build an "'Islamic Army' to wage jihad"


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Oh no, it can't be.. there is nothing to say these poor individuals were nothing more than disillusioned lost young men that just need to be understood. They really posed no threat, and they never had any ties to terrorist organizations.... well at least that is spewing from the left side. They always conviently forget that they did commit a crime. The only reason they had no ties to outside influences is because the US was able to insert its own mole in the group which inturn took down the cell prior to anything happening. What's even more fantastic is that the left do not see that Islam is involved. Strange that the majority of such indecency is done in the name of islam.

I read a Time's article last night saying they these 7 were more less just being picked on and that they were not "real" terrorists nor did they have the capibility to carry forth their plans. Talk about just a bunch of whiney asses. What would they have reported if this cell had not been broken up? Do they not understand theat terrorists use different tatics, from the obvious outward appearance to the hidden type. They think that only those that hide are the real threat. Every type is a real threat.

Good post


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