29 June, 2006

Mexican Elections Right Around the Corner

Want news that isn't a shock? Try the news that the Mexican elections are hitting snags and they haven't even started. I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Mexican political bosses can rally large groups of people to snarl traffic, protest and menace a neighborhood. Hey, that almost sounds like Democrats and their Union lapdogs in Philadelphia.

But Mexico is having trouble even staffing their polling places. Check this out From the AP:

"VALLECILLO, Mexico (AP) -- This town of farmers and cattle ranchers has about 1,300 registered voters. But officials had to spend weeks begging residents before they found the 14 people needed to staff its two polling places on Sunday.

Days before the hotly contested presidential election, observers say voting sites across the country still lack enough people to provide a crucial first defense against a return to Mexico's fraudulent electoral past. Many towns have been depleted, their able adults now in the United States. Of those who remain, many simply refused, saying they couldn't afford to miss work."

Yep, I'll bet you ten dollars that the communists win that bad boy outright. Nobody can steal an election like a corrupt bunch of greedy thugs who hide behind social justice issues. Ask Harry Reid.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Yeah I glanced at something similar to this yesterday in the paper too. I was not really paying too much attention since the story about the insurgents caught my intrest more, and the happenings in the Gaza were of more intrest too. Still, it just looks like a total FUBAR to me. Fox tries to be a conservative, but is lacking in this, just like Bush is lacking in many of his areas. One of Fox's worst track records is that in his tenure, more people have fled mexico for the US. I am sure it is not just due to his policies, but there is an underlying reason that is yet to be seen. Just my gut talking there.... hmmm
Could it be that they knew about how the commies were going to be?

At 11:42 AM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

I have touched upon the election a little myself. It really is a scary thing if you sit down and look at what is going on in the Central and Southern Hemispheres. With Socialist in Bolivia, Venzuala, communist rebels attacjking Brazil, Columbia, and Nicauragua. You really have to wonder what will become Mexicos fate. Ballot stuffing is a time honored tradition to the politico's in Mexico. Hugo Chavez , despite Jimmy Carters ignorance won through ballot stuffing and surpression of the competition. Once they get a Communist in to office in Mexico you can bet it will be open season on our southern boarder then. Vincente Fox is sure pushing his people north. Can you imagnine how the money hungry, power grubbing socialists will act. The demands they will make on America, through internation means. It really is a scary thought.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Carpi, one thing you must realize too about Brasil (or is the english Brazil?, i get mixed up with my spelling at times betweent he two languages), is that alot of the attacking that is currently happening is the gangs... mainly the narcartic drugs. Also there have been links back to the Sicilian mafia along with some middle east ties too. It is not just a socialist/communist front, but just those looking for power and money without any real ideology intact. They do use these people and groups in an effective manner though.
We in the south do have our hands full! It will be a nice change for me next week... I'll be coming back to the States next week for a brief respite with the family. I will be sure to blog about the noticiable differences when I get back.


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