11 June, 2006

Hamas back to living by sword

I wanted to blog on this right away last night but got caught up in other things. Hamas is once again launching rockets at Israel:

"JERUSALEM (AP) -- Palestinian militants fired about 10 rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip early Sunday, critically injuring an Israeli and nearly hitting a college in the southern Israel town of Sderot, the army and rescue service said." Full Story

And Israel is responding:

"GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Israeli aircraft fired missiles at militants who were on their way to launch rockets at Israel from the northern Gaza Strip, the army said. Two rocket launchers affiliated with the ruling Hamas party were killed, the militant group and hospital officials said." Full Story

Net Result:

"JERUSALEM (AP) -- Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Sunday that Israel wants to negotiate with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas but insisted it's "not realistic" to pursue a final peace deal with him while the Hamas militants controlling the Palestinian government refuse to moderate." Full Story

I believe with as much conviction as I am capable of rendering that the United Nations has fostered this situation with its repeated pandering to the "Palestinian Cause." It has chosen to recognize all factions as homogenous and, by extension, given credibility to the most extreme elements. That credibility sent the signal to the Palestinian people that violent rhetoric and violence were and now, alas, are acceptable courses for them to follow.

Whether by diabolical design from the people who stand to gain financially from instability (see O.P.E.C.) or through ethical ineptitude, cowardice or apathy, the United Nations has fostered a legend of victimization that has led the Palestinian people to accept and cherish a few myths that may ultimately doom them to another generation of hopelessness.

Myth Number 1) The world will not insist on Palestinian good faith("We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem. Peres and Beilin have already promised us half of Jerusalem. The Golan Heights have already been given away, subject to just a few details. We will take over everything including all of Jerusalem! We of the P.L.O. will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps." Yasser Arafat). That is, that the Palestinians can say one thing at the negotiating table and then do another thing away from it. This is a repetitive theme in the "Peace Process." Somehow, the Palestinians and their leadership expect universal condemnation of Israel for "brutality," but that Palestinians should be granted leniency for their misdeeds. Aiding and comforting terrorists - and I defy anyone to disprove that assertion - is equal to committing acts of terrorism. Terrorism has been the chief method of trying to achieve Palestinian goals.

Myth Number 2) That Palestinians can enjoy immunity from the implications of their rhetoric. It is apparent that the Palestinian people believe that they can choose leadership who espouse radical beliefs without suffering the backlash of global disapproval. They would be well served to study the weight of the burden placed upon South Africa's apartheid government.

Myth Number 3) The prolonged use of violence will serve to accomplish a better bargaining position. While it is true that the appearance of vacillation in Israel (a function of the normal flow of a democratic process that is culturally foreign to Palestinians) would lead one to draw such a conclusion, ultimately a people will fight for their survival.

Myth Number 4) That Palestinians will maintain the sympathy of the international community. This myth is collapsing under the weight of a long string of international actions. No doubt many Palestinians are questioning their choices in the past election.

Hamas is now doing what they do whenever they feel pressured: They are falling back on violence. This is an awful choice both strategically and politically. I suspect their goal is to unite the Palestinian people once Israel responds militarily. Again, I return to my assertion from yesterday. Hamas, as duly elected representatives of the Palestinian people are acting in an open state of war with Israel.

Their risk is grave. Also, Israel is justified in its defense of its people. Naked aggression from a "legitimate," elected government can lead to catastrophic consequences. A state of war may soon exist. And the Palestinians will be unable to decry mass retaliation against a people for the acts of a few outlaws.

The outlaws face the Palestinian electorate each day, looking back from the reflection in the mirror. A democracy is a shared priviledge and a shared burden. Elections DO have significance and ramifications. We can only hope that the Palestinians take the iniatiative to right this wrong before a point is crossed from which there is no return.

Otherwise, their blood will be on therir own hands.


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