28 June, 2006

Dear Hamas: Welcome to the Big Leagues, now go to your room

Israel rolled into the Gaza strip and rounded up the democratically elected thugs who now have the responsibility of representing a nation. It really isn't fair to have that much responsibility when a person is that stupid, but life isn't fair. From AP:

"GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Israeli forces rounded up dozens of Palestinian Cabinet ministers and lawmakers from Hamas, increasing pressure on the Islamic militants to release a captured Israeli soldier, and witnesses said tanks moved into northern Gaza, widening Israel's largest military operation in the year since Israel pulled out of the seaside territory."

Hamas would do well to quit preying on the Palestinians and hiding beneath the skirts of their women and in the cribs of their children. But I'm not holding my breath. Sociopaths don't behave nicely.

PS - Nice to have computer access again :)


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Oh the poor terrorists are being picked one. To hear the left protray it, they are "freedom fighters", militants, etc... all that crap. They are nothing but terrorists. If one was to ask me, I think they should just drive them all out into the sea, and ten head on over to the other side of Israel and start there too. Hamas a political party... my hairy white arse! that would be like saying the KKK was founded by republicans for a basement church fundraising program.
From what I have heard/read about the recent situation there, my tolerance level for the level has dropped to an all time low. I say, why the hell wouldn't they hit infrastructure systems.... seems logical to me in any military offeensive maneuver to crush an enemy. Heck even cops do this in hostage situations. It is a simple siege technique used to impose discomfort to the extent of avoiding actual bloodshed to the extent that is would be horrific. Not that that hasn't already happened (suicide bombers, rockets, etc..). The left will never understand, they always fall for the bad guys, prime examples.... ANSWER...Code Pink.... CAIR.... Ché...

At 11:44 AM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

LMAO..... hamas wants to run with the big dawgs, but play as a little pup. Well goat hearders you want to play , Isreal is saying lets play.
You have to get off the poarch and run with the pack before you challenge the BIG DAWG.


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